Are You Madly In Love?

The Secret to Preserving Your Relationship Story in Such a Way that Every Anniversary Becomes Extraordinarily Special

You’ve made it this far together…and that is exciting! Your friendship has been sparked to so much more…

    • Serendipity made you cross paths
    • Attraction was felt
    • Authentic Communication took place
    • You want to spend more time together than apart
    • You are more important to each other than anything else in this world
    • You know that people are jealous of you in a good way
    • Your connection is undeniable to yourselves and everyone else around you

And you have been wanting to put your mutual innermost thoughts into words…

To articulate one to another what you’ve always wanted to say…

And what is undeniable is that your shared experiences have become a Third Story...

Have you ever wondered what you could do for your relationship to help solidify your special connection even better than wedding vows can?

There is a magical solution awaiting your action…

Custom Song Value Once Upon a Time

Even though the purpose of a wedding is to make known your commitment and bond to the world, you know that you also crave something much more permanent than a one time celebration.

And that brings me to share…

…There is something mystical (even divine) about music preserving thoughts and emotions…

Music has a way of expressing our innermost thoughts unlike regular speech or poetry writing…

Mozart custom song value

“The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between.” 
― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Essentially, magical music is not found in what is played, but in how it is played

You’ve come to this page either because you’re have a wedding coming up, an anniversary celebration, or are a madly in love couple that simply wants your story told through the lens of musical artistry.

A really good Songwriter can translate your relationship story into something magical – something truly unexpected – yet confidently promised. 

When presented with the idea of a "custom song" some couples can be quite skeptical.

Let's face it, there is a healthy doubt concerning whether or not a song will be "Cheesy".

When you pay for your relationship story song you want it to enhance your connection, not make it feel "de-valued".

You could be just like David and Cassandra Monroe...who were very excited yet apprehensive about their anniversary song called "Still In Love" - a song that I wrote.

"Oh wow! It sounded like a full orchestra accompanying a great singer. There was even a guitar solo! We asked for a 1980's style power ballad and that's exactly what we got. Thank you guys so much! We played the song for our family tonight and everyone loved it. We will cherish this forever!!!"
David Monroe Custom Song Client
David Monroe

Are you starting to get a sense of how special a high quality custom song could be for you two?

What if you could get on a 2-week Trial, in order to get a rough draft foundation established for your unique custom song?

Your Trial would entail all of the following:

  • An Initial Online Interview, then…
  • A Video Interview (just you if it is a surprise for your partner)
  • Up to 2 rough drafts of your song with a preview of Intro, 1st Verse, and Chorus 
  • A contract ensuring we fulfill all our obligations to you before your payment/s are charged

Included in ALL Custom Song Packages...

  • A lyrical music video

You may have questions and concerns.

These are understandable...

So, let's cover a some now.

Question – How much does a Custom Song cost? 

Answer – Our current price for one instrument and one vocal track: $997.00

Our current price for more than one instrument (all digital) and vocal track: $1,997.00

Question – You seem really expensive, how do I know I’m getting value?

Answer – There is a reason a Mercedes costs different than a Hondai…we promise “radio quality production”, which means that the recording of your song will be thought out with the utmost care in mind…Also, the singers we hire are above average vocalists! Your song will be written with creativity and not quickly thrown together in a mad dash to pump out a song just for the sake of a quick buck…Go ahead, search online at other custom song services and you will notice a huge distinction between both quality of songwriting and quality of end production.

Question – How long should it take for the final version of my song to be completed?

Answer – A fair estimate is 2 weeks after your trial period (so from the date you begin your trial to the finish line should take one month). 

Question – What is the difference between the song I hear in my trial and the final “radio quality version”?

Answer – Your trial version will likely take on many forms, starting with a very simple video of singing and playing so you can get a “general feel” for the melody and chords and how the song’s backbone will be…The trial period gives time for your interview and provides honest space to translate the interview content into lyrics/music…(We are not in a rush to just haphazardly make you a song…You’ll still get to hear a demo of radio quality version and request 2 revisions before it is finalized!)

Question – Do you offer payment plans?

Answer – Yes we do! 

Question – Will you help me keep this a secret and surprise for my significant other?

Answer – Absolutely! We’ll even give you some great ideas to make the private unveiling for him/her very special. 

What do we expect of you from our end?

Collaboration – Your online and video interview with give us the “ammunition” to create amazing lyrics for your song. 

Excitement – We’re very enthusiastic to enhance your relationship bond, and if you share this fire too we will get a lot done together.

Timely – After you start your Trial we can schedule a great time that mutually works in order to start your video interview.

In summary...

Full Package Benefits...

  • 2 Week Trial
  • Payment Plan Available
  • Payment Plan Trial ($500 - Refund within 2 weeks if not satisfied with demo versions)
  • Professional Lyric Video

With all that said...ready to start your online interview?

Custom Song Online Interview

This is your pre-interview before we talk over the phone, Skype, Facebook Messenger video, or other platform.

Your Online Interview Details

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