Engaged Couples... ! Do you want the moment your Bride walks down the aisle to be extraordinary?

The first couple who heard this said, "This is 'THE' wedding song."

Custom Song Songwriter Ryan David Dwyer

From the Songwriting Heart of Ryan David Dwyer (Founder of www.lovestorysongs.com)

When you think of a wedding what song comes to mind?

“Canon in D Major”?

“Here Comes The Bride”?

For a vast amount of decades there are a very small handle of songs that are directly associated with weddings…

More specifically, these “standard” songs are most often performed during the Bridal March.

Whenever we see a Bride standing at the front of the aisle we are moved a little bit inside…

It marks the point of a major transition in her life and the life of her family!

The same goes for the groom who is standing on the stage waiting for her to confirm the commitment she made when she first said, “Yes.”

Tears well up in his eyes as he beholds the official assurance of their eternal attraction.

She slowly yet assuredly walks down the aisle to stand in front of a room full of witnesses…

By the time she steps onto the platform a sense of suspense and wonderment has filled the whole place…

Bridesmaids are holding back their emotion to avoid mascara smears down their cheeks…

Fathers and Mothers in Laws are thinking of when they held heir babies in their arms…

The Ritual of Matrimony affects more than the Bride and Groom.

This is what inspired me to write the song, “No Longer Two”.

I had already written a book called, “Your Magical Wedding Day Awaits”, which teaches couples how to transform the story of their relationship into a customized song that is released to the wedding guests at their reception.

I wanted to make the book even more special by creating a companion song.

When I sat down at the piano the chorus came to me…then a couple weeks later I attempted the verses…

Here is what unfolded…

[1st Verse]

Here we are, we’ve come so far

A friendship sparked to so much more

I join you now hand in hand

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for


No longer two

We’re no longer two

Our separate lives

Converge as one

[2nd Verse]

Here we are in ecstasy

Aflame with romance for all to see

Look at this crowd, they want to be us

This is the moment they’ve been longing for

[2nd Chorus]

No longer two

We’re no longer two

Our separate lives                                                                                        

Converge as one

A third story now                                                                                        

Unfolds as one

We are in love

We are so in love              


Without even hearing the music, how do these lyrics move you?

It turned out that some of the chords provide a little bit of a similar feel as Canon.

Yet the Bridal March and Canon In D Major are not lyrical songs.

I endeavored to write a wedding song that could replace all others.

At the very least, become a formidable alternative.

Take a listen for yourself….


  • Do you and your fiance feel strongly that No Longer Two does justice for capturing the way you feel about each other? 
  • Are you certain it will enhance that Epic Bridal Moment when she is about to walk down the aisle and become the center of attention?
  • Do you know without a doubt that you want it playing in your wedding?

If so, then keep scrolling down this page to purchase a licensed copy.

There is no other place distributing the song, which means that www.lovestorysongs.com is The Exclusive Website through which you can order and obtain the right to utilize No Longer Two in your wedding or as background music for a video.

I made the song just for you…

…For Your Wedding…

…So you can have an ultimate celebratory moment of your union through the magic of creative music expression…

Custom Song Value Once Upon a Time

Are you now an official fan of No Longer Two? If so, then pay very special attention to all the benefits of obtaining a license, by reading further.


Song License Includes...

  • The right to use the song in ANY form at your wedding ceremony or reception
  • The right to distribute a digital copy of song to all your wedding guests, family, and friends
  • The right to hire any singer/s, bands, or musicians to perform the song live
  • The right to access a PDF version of the sheet music with chord charts for piano and guitar
  • The right to include an instrumental or lyrical version of the song in a non-commercial video that tells the story of your relationship
  • The right of access to instrument and lyrical versions of the song

You may have questions and concerns.

These are understandable...

So, I want to address as many as I can think of now.

Question – What is the price? 

Answer – Song will be licensed for $500 (payment plan option)

Question – Can we hire you to play the song for our wedding?

Answer – This really depends upon my schedule…but I would LOVE to. And, the lead singer, Chandler Leland, would also perform it (schedule permitting). If you want me to assemble a band of musicians to fly out to you, that is also a possibility. Any inquiries on these matters should be emailed to booking @ lovestorysongs.com . 

Question – Why can’t I buy the song on I-tunes?

Answer – The short answer is that this song was specifically written with YOU in mind, and so, it is not meant for the general public to buy. Also, on digital distribution services like I-tunes they do not have a way to package a delivery altogether of multiple song versions, sheet music, or legally license a song for special purposes.  

Question – What if someone from the general public wants to have a digital copy of the song?

Answer – Anyone who wants the digital copy will need to pay the same amount and access it exclusively through this site. Same rules apply…they cannot resell or distribute it in any form.

Question – Can anyone make a cover song video of the song on YouTube?

Answer – Yes, absolutely! The Publisher for No Longer Two is Music Industry Pioneer LLC. YouTube cover versions are tracked through www.soundexchange.com . Cover versions are encouraged and a link to this page is definitely appreciated under all cover song videos so that more and more couples can continue to benefit from obtaining a song license.

Question – Can a band, singer, or musician record their own version of the song and resell it?

Answer – Yes and no. Depends how they go about it. There are licensing sites out there whom might attempt to track Music Industry Pioneers LLC down with specific requests but no entity or person is officially authorized to act as mediator. Therefore, it is best to contact them directly at legal @ musicindustrypioneers.com with a proposal. 

Are you ready for access?

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