Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What if we only want one instrument and one vocal track; is the price different?

Yes. If you only want one instrument and one vocal track with a very simple yet high-quality recording we will make that happen for a different price. Go to our Contact Page to email us about this.

How long does it take to complete a song?

It can take between 2 weeks to a month to finish a song. That is why we offer a down payment so that we can begin the work. It can take up to a minimum 40 hours of work to bring forth a well thought out song. We look at every detail, including the balancing of all the different instrument loudness to the vocal articulation of words.

How come your charge is so high?

Actually, our $5,995.00 charge is really low when you consider the facts. The Knot (a very popular wedding hub website) wrote an article detailing not only the cost of a wedding but the average % of each itemized aspect. They surveyed couples and here are the results:

The average wedding costs $31,213.00

Here’s a basic breakdown of what you can expect to pay:

Reception: 48-50 percent [$15,606.50]

Ceremony: 2-3 percent [$936.39]

Attire: 8-10 percent [$3,121.30]

Flowers: 8-10 percent [$3,121.30]

Entertainment/Music: 8-10 percent [$3,121.30]

Photography/Videography: 10-12 percent [$3,745.56]

Stationery: 2-3 percent [$936.39]

Wedding Rings: 2-3 percent [$936.39]

Parking/Transportation: 2-3 percent [$936.39]

Gifts: 2-3 percent [$936.39]

Miscellaneous: 8 percent [$2,497.04]

As you can see in the average wedding there is no mention of a Custom Personalized Song! Our service is very specialized. When you consider that out of all those costs invested into a wedding the only everlasting purchases are Photography and Videography.  The wedding cake, the venue, the wedding dress, etc., are all temporary.

Photography is really the only type of purchase that is priceless; except when you include the option of a Custom Personalized Song! If you combine a photo video with your tailored song then you have combined two very special services together which are beyond any price.

With the amazing transcendent power of music to say much more than words alone, you are inviting something very special into your relationship that can be even more powerful than your wedding vows. The value of a custom song is more special than any other investment you will or have made associated with celebrating your relationship. You can even view your purchase as an extension of your wedding vows.

Do you share our song with anyone else?

Yes and no. We share your song in draft mode to members of our team and others we know for feedback to get an outside perspective, to ensure the overall quality.

Do we publicly share your song without your permission? No.

Do we attempt to sell or distribute your song without your permission? No.

There are times when a song we produce may feel like a “hit”. If that is the case we will approach you and let you know. Some couples may feel that they want the whole world to hear their song. If that is the case then we will present you a proposal.

We do of course love to showcase songs on our website for testimonial purposes, so potential clients can get a feel for the quality work we do.  If you want to share your song with someone in the music industry you know who is a producer with clout and can get the song distribution then we can make a contract with you stating the terms of such circumstances.

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