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Helpful Videos by Heavenly Bridal Boutique in Canby, Oregon

Wedding Guide Sponsored by Ambient Pianist Ryan David Dwyer and Heavenly Bridal Boutique

Heavenly Bridal Boutique is located in Canby, Oregon and is owned/managed by a mother-daughter team. Click here to view their website. It was created to be your solution for finding just the perfect designer wedding gown at a fraction of the original retail.  Their prices are not only affordable ~ the gowns are gorgeous ~ and you can save hundreds, you may even save thousands ~ when shopping their beautiful gowns.

Ryan David Dwyer is an exquisite lyrical songwriter and composer who specializes in ambient backdrop instrumental piano music. He played at PDX International Airport for a year and a half back in 2012. He is also the founder of and a proprietary music curriculum at, and other original ideas.